The Way Home

by Jennifer Ritchie

There is Always a Road that Leads Home –(Story Devotion)

Have you ever felt you traveled too far down the wrong road? 

I would typically consider myself a woman with confidence.  I started out on my own at 17 years old.  Full of ambition and ready to take on the world.  I finished my college degree and started working my first real job at 19 years old.  I was an accountant for small manufacturing business.  I bought my first new car.  Life was good. 

During this phase in my life, I wandered from God.  Not intentionally.  Slowly and I was unaware at how far I had drifted from His voice.  I no longer considered Him in my decisions or even the routines of my day.  I was an adult now.  I could do and experience so many new things.

My mother had always talked about how she felt 25 was the perfect age.  Because of her expression, I could not wait until I was 25.  I married young at 20, moved to Wisconsin where his family was.  I had a great job and now nearing 24 years old.  My marriage was not the best.  However, I tried to make the best of it.

I was desperate for love and decided I wanted a child.  Soon I was pregnant and so excited.  At 3 months into my pregnancy, it was time for the ultrasound.  I overflowed with so much joy.  Quickly this joy turned to despair.  What my body treated as a pregnancy, was actually CANCER. 

I am now 25 years old and it is the worst day of my life. 

This battle lasted 2 years of fighting the persistent cancer that invaded my body, my life, my baby!

I was in such a place of devastation.  I had lost every piece of my hair, except one eye lash.  I remember putting mascara on that one eye lash just for some fun.  I was embarrassed and felt that every ounce of my confidence was gone.  My husband was cheating on me, my marriage failed.  I was very weak and alone. 

I called my Grandmother.  She is very country and sweet.  I was telling her how embarrassed I was about having no hair.  I will never forget her words. 

 “Sweetheart, you just wrap a scarf around your pretty little head and pay the world no never mind and remember there is always a road back home”

Although I stayed in Wisconsin, I began to journey back to God and my family.  I realized that I needed them both.  God was right there ready to embrace me.

If you are wondering, how did I get here?  What happened to my life?  I do not even recognize myself any longer.   I feel alone and I do not feel worthy to go to God. Start your journey to God today.  He is anxiously awaiting your return.

*****Dear Lord, thank you for receiving us when we truly turn back to you.  Thank you for waiting with open arms for us to come back home.  Thank you that you love us so much.  Help us to keep on the right path with you, walking every day in your presence, your hope, and your peace.

 In Jesus Name, Amen *****

God brought me through that horrible time in my life and He can help you too. 

No matter how many turns your life takes or how many miles your journey makes.  When you need to find that familiar place.  There is always a road that leads home.