The Reunion

by Jessica Anthony

The Reunion

By Jess Anthony

Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God – what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect (Romans 12:2)

Oh boy, Terence was at it again. Nothing had changed all these years, it seems. I saw him coming towards my direction, oh no, please don’t pick me, my inner voice screamed. Too late.  As he pulled me towards the dance floor I could hear the cheering from my friends.

And there I stood in the middle of the dance floor with people around us that formed a circle. I felt so awkward, I never danced in years, how was I supposed to pull this off with so many watching?  Anyway I didn’t have a choice. I did a few dance moves that even my Grandma would be embarrassed to watch! Terence realized that I shouldn’t be dancing and moved on to the next unsuspecting victim.

After settling back into my seat and laughing at myself I was just pondering about this whole episode. It was my high school reunion, 30 years reunion to be precise. Seeing my school friends and teachers after so long was so exciting, and what was more exciting to hear was that most of my classmates are serving the Lord! Some were even pastors and prophets and have their own churches, wow, that was such a blessing to know that God does have a plan irrespective of our past folly.

Something very odd began to unfold.  I suddenly didn’t want to be there as I began to feel so awkward being in that place. The loud music, alcohol galore, flirting openly by some was starting to get to me.  The old me would have loved to party till dawn but this time I felt like the odd one out, like the ugly duckling that couldn’t fit in nor matter how much it tried.  

It dawned on me, I’ve changed. God did a work in my heart that changed me. I’ve really been born again and my Father is at work even though I always complain and grumble that God is too busy to worry about me while He got the whole world to worry about.  But He does care.  Every time I prayed, “Lord change me and give me a heart that pleases You,” He was surely listening!

After saying goodbye to my friends I decided to head home. I left the reunion with joy in my heart knowing that the Lord really does care about me and that He is working in my life even when I don’t see it or feel it.  I have realized that His ways and thoughts are higher than mine and that He has standards for us His children and expect us to walk in those ways.  It’s not always easy to say no when our flesh is screaming to say yes. Only the Holy Spirit can change us to walk in God’s ways and to live a surrendered life, but we must be willing.

Maybe you too, dear friend, are going through difficult challenges right now. You have things in your life that you think you will never overcome like an addiction to alcohol, drugs or whatever it may be.  Or maybe you feel so lost and lonely and at times wonder if God really knows that you exist or will ever answer your prayer, I can tell you, He does.  He knows you. He sees, He cares and is relentlessly pursuing you because He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6).

Let us pray:

Heavenly Father I thank you that you are working in our life and never allowing us  to go to a higher level in life where our character can’t keep us.  Character and integrity is so important to You and necessary to complete what You have called us to do. Do your work inside of us and change us so You can use us as You desire.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen