Submissive Wives

by Yang Yu

Submissive Wives

I remember a story I watched on TV. It was about the animal world. In a group of lions, there was a male lion, a lioness and cubs.

It was always the lioness that went hunting. The male lion just sat there and watched.

It was very difficult for the lioness to hunt for prey. She had to lie in wait for the prey for a long period of time. Then suddenly she would start to run after the prey. She had to run tooth and nail. But she did not always succeed in catching the prey. She would have some failures before finally she got the prey.

And when she did catch the prey and brought it back, it was the male lion that would eat first. And the male lion always ate the best parts of the meat. Only after the male lion had finished eating, could the lioness and the cubs go and eat.

As I watched this part, I felt that it was so unfair to the lioness. She worked so hard only to eat the leftovers. However, as I continued to watch, I began to understand why the lioness had to submit to the male lion.

On one occasion, the lioness had not caught any prey in a week. Both the lioness and the cubs were starving.

At night, the lioness saw a buffalo. She was desperate and went forward trying to bite the buffalo. The buffalo was much bigger in size than the lioness. It kicked the lioness hard on the head so that her skull was fractured.

The lioness lost her ability to hunt. If no food was supplied to them, the lioness and the cubs would be dying. The lioness made a cry for help. The male lion heard the cry and came to examine the situation.

The next day, all the lions got food because the male lion went hunting.

The male lion had been very selfish, nevertheless, the lioness submitted to him all along. So when she was dying, the male lion came to rescue her. Had she not submitted to the male lion, when she was weak, the male lion would not have come to protect her and she could have died.

So how is this related to my message today? In the animal world, females submit to males. It is the same in human society. Wives submit to their husbands. 

If the husband makes an unreasonable demand, should the wife still submit to him? The answer is yes because if she has been obedient, then when she is in trouble, he will be there to defend her. If she is disobedient, then he will not fight for her when she is in need.

May you become the submissive wife that God has required you to be.