She Is Dead

by Henry Williams

She Is Dead

 I was on the bus listening to Sid Roth’s show about faith six years ago. Then I heard through my earphone my transit bus driver exclaim, “ what! A lady is dead in the middle of the street”. Amazingly, my bus transit saw her because of the black winter night and no street lights to expose her protract body. Some of the nurses on my bus route got off, and without thinking, I follow behind them to investigate this shocking discovery. 

 As I step off the bus to the clement street, I saw the nurse searching for her pulse, and she said, looking at the bus drivers who on the phone with 911.” I can’t find no pulse.” My Spirit refused to accept death as this young girl’s conclusion on life. 

My Spirit began to produce holy anger against death. Being move by the Holy Spirit without thinking, I bend over and place my right hand on her shoulder and shouted, “ In The Name Of Jesus I rebuke spirit(s) of death, and I command her to live again” Immediately, she opened her eyes wide and took a deep breath and scream. “Like, wow, I’m back in my body. “

I have had the honor to operate in different gifts of the spirit, releasing healing, the deliverance of demons, words of knowledge, and my favorite, the ministry of prophecy. Still, this one felt so distinct from the rest. Today I charge you to yearn as I did for many years to see the power of God through his people today like it was in the early days of the Church. 

 Do your heart grieve that many saints are sick, given their days over to medication? not enjoying good health? How many are dying prematurely? I know the plans I have for you, plans not of evil, plans to prosper you, and give you hope and an expected end.  Jesus said,” I am the resurrection and the life.” He is in us. Do you feel the heartbeat of God for us to be fearless, not even afraid of death?

Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy, but God came that we may have life and that more abundantly. The Son of Man was revealed to expose the works of Satan and to destroy it. Therefore we have his power to destroy every device and plan to kill, steal, and destroy lives. Yes, all lives matter!

God wants us to live and not die prematurely. Today people are losing faith in religion and tradition.

New age movements and supernatural activities flex their tiny muscles on media, tv, and public, but more significant is He that in us. The Father yearns to show these generations that the most significant signs and wonders are in the glorious church.

 Today be willing to challenge every doubt and fear you have. Be honest with yourself. Confess and record what hard for you to believe about God and his power within you. Remember, there is a promise forever problem. Write scriptures on index cards until they are tattoo on your heart and mind. This is how we contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints of old. 

 During this pandemic, fears are higher than mountains; over 200,000 died in America, millions worldwide. Medication and doctors are perplexed, yet the kingdom of God has healing supplies in the storage rooms of God’s glory, ready to be released by faith.

The same spirit that raises Jesus Christ from the dead lives in us grieving and burning to be released. You are not reading this by accident; you are chosen to do more wondrous works than Jesus Christ for such a time as this.