Prayer Reveals

Pby Nakia Hawley

While praying for my friend Vanessa this morning, I saw that there was an attack on her peace. In whatever way the enemy saw fit, he was working to take Vanessa’s peace of mind. He targeted strategically against her with anxieties, hopelessness, illness, relationship issues, and more.

I advised Vanessa, affectionally known as Vee, that what she truly needed was inner healing. I told her, “I have not been fully trained in it yet, but if you know of anyone, this would be a much-needed help.”

“If you do not know of anyone, you are going to have to get your inner healing directly from God himself. Seek Him as much as possible and travail when you can. Every extra moment that you get (smile), Fix your eyes on Jesus,” I exclaimed.  

Doubt and Pain

Vee, believe it or not, doubt and pain run together. Think about it. When you doubt something, it means you have no clear answer to a problem. You have no clear solution. You begin to feel anxiety, then anguish, and then pain.

You may itch, scratch your head, or scratch your body. You may feel tingling or numbness. You may begin to feel butterflies or pain in your stomach and begin to clutch. Notice, your body is probably tense. Then your back starts to hurt. Or maybe your head hurts. And in some extremes, you feel pain all over your body. 

The Remedy

The remedy for your peace is time with God. He is your healer. He has your answer to every question. Wallow in His presence. Just stay there. Let him pour into you. You will begin to lighten up. Pressures will ease. If you feel any weight, it would be the weight of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will be coming onto you to bring whatever change is necessary to your body. 

Your situation may change immediately, or it may take some time. You have now received the strength to endure, to go through whatever is concerning you. Your faith has been lifted or revived. Now you can sit still and hear God clearly as he gives you answers to fix your problems. 

With each time in prayer, you will feel better. You will gain strength, and faith will grow inside of you. You will look forward to these times with God. You will begin to see him as a good God. You will see Him as your blessed Father. The one who loved you and knew you before the day you were born.

Count it all joy!

Yes, it is a process, but it is rewarding in the end. 

John 7:38 (NIV) 38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” [a]

Vee’s Response

Vee cried as this confirmed what she was feeling. “This gives me answers on how to fix it. I am working on it this evening and hopeful of what the next day brings”, she stated.

In Closing

“Wonderful,” I shouted as we both chuckled.  “Continue to speak peace over yourself.” One example is “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

 “I know that it seems redundant but, trust me, you are planting seeds and will reap a harvest. God said it in his word. Whatever you sow, you shall reap.” I recited.

Not only was Vee excited and full of joy, so was I.  Getting to know God and receive inner healing took place in my life, as well. I love seeing when God can use testimony to help someone else.