Love One Another

by Yang Yu

John 13:34 says

I am giving you a new commandment: That you should continue to [agape] love one another; to the same degree that I have [agape] loved you, so you should also continue to [agape] love one another.

Jesus loves us unconditionally and sacrificially. We are to love people as Jesus has loved us. We are to love people unconditionally. How to love people unconditionally? I would like to share with you some stories.

One day a little boy came to a pastor and wanted to talk to him alone, so the pastor brought him to an empty room where there were only two of them. The little boy whispered in the pastor’s ear, “Pastor, I have aids.”

Just at that very moment, Jesus said to the pastor, “Hug the boy.”The pastor hesitated for a minute and decided to obey the Lord. As he hugged that boy, the boy cried out and said, “I know God is real because you have loved me.”

There was a Christian mother whose daughter got killed in an earthquake. Instead of complaining to the Lord, “Lord, why did you allow my daughter to die?” she went and reached out to other kids whose parents were no longer there.

When the other kids were crying out for their mother, she went to them and said, “Mom is here.” She sang songs for them and comforted them. She helped one child after another. In the end, she was exhausted and fainted.

A preacher came to a place where a group of patients were gathered in a camp and isolated from the outside world. They all got an infectious disease and were dying. The doctors had no cure for them and had given up on them.

Jesus said to the preacher, “Hug everybody in the camp.” She obeyed the Lord and went into the camp. She hugged everybody in the camp. As she was doing that, the patients kept on vomiting and the vomit was spat onto her. But she said to each one of them, “Jesus loves you and I love you.”

In the end, God healed every patient in the camp. All the doctors and patients accepted Jesus as their Savior. The camp where those patients were used to stay became a place where the gospels were being preached.

Are you touched by these stories? Do you feel love stirred in you? Sometimes it may seem difficult to love people, but it is so easy to love people with the Lord’s help. Pray that He will give you the power to love and let His love flow through you.

With love you can overcome all obstacles. With love miracles happen. With love all things are possible.

May you love people with His agape love.