Look At You

by Henry Williams

I hate the way I look! The wrinkles, the extra pounds, are showing in places that noticeable. How many people around the world had those thoughts crossed their minds? Today over billions of dollars are put into the plastic surgery profession. Personal trainers are a profitable profession. 

Artificial and natural weight modification products are advertised every day, give us a message of discontent and hope to find the so-called “perfect image.” 

 The good news is our answer to our perfect image is not far at all, and it is actually “FREE.” I am not here to sell you another product, but I can offer you the person of Christ Jesus. Who spoke life given words to us through our original early parents Adam & Eve.

He said, “ Let us make man in our image and likeness, and when  He saw what he made, he validated, approved it as suitable and acceptable. 

 You see, the root of our endless quest to obtain that perfect image is for the same validation God gave us in the beginning. As Adam’s lungs received divine oxygen for the first time and became a living soul, so do the answer to our solution beginnings and end, from within. 

 You see, as a male teen, I was heaviness torment by low self-esteem, from the teeth structure to the metabolism that slower than molasses. We can hate to see the treasure of God in the mirror.  

Today I call you into action. Use your faith and tear down every self-hatred and false accusation and label on you by you, your ethnicity, and others. 

 If you don’t see yourself the way God sees you, you won’t do what God calls you to do and enjoy everyday life. How many of us are our worst critic and hindrance?

The deceiver from the beginning has been training us through every trauma, failure, and embarrassment to exist, but not live. To hold our head down and not up high. To dream and never to make plans to live it in the land of the living.

 The Holy Spirit revealed to David that God himself knitted, constructed, and purposefully design you within your mother’s womb according to this predestined plan. You are a piece of the Master. 

Therefore you are a masterpiece.  The first step to your spiritual makeover is to confess and believe the validation of God that is recorded in scriptures. Life and death are in the power of your tongue; whatever you say, you will eat your words. 

 Today lets change our heart and attitude by making a vow to never curse ourselves with our words and meditations of our hearts. 

 Join in as I agree and confess with you God’s word over ourselves. 

Today Father, I submit my spirit, soul, and body to you in Jesus’ Name. I proudly proclaim my body is your glories temple. Father, I confessed and believe that you are the most significant artist, and I am a customized product of your hand. 

Above all of your creations from the planets, mountains, species of animals, to ranks of angels, ( your name ) is the praise of your glory. 

You adore every detail of my being. You know every hair on my head, you never take your eyes off of me; even when I sleep, you still guard me like the greatest treasure you ever processed. My smile and laugh are the expressions of the joy of God’s presence. Fill my cup to I overflow with the fun you have for me. Christ, in me, the hope of glory.

Today I reject and disagree with every word and label that I acknowledge. Today I divorce the evil decrees and see myself through the eyes of God. Open my blinded eyes and my deaf ears from seeing and hears the songs of agape love you sing over me, mighty warrior. I see myself, and I am made in your image and likeness, and I approve that message.