Leaving Your Comfort Zone

by Revival Ntuli

Stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the beneficial lessons I have learned. I had been on contractual employment for three years, and hoping for permanent employment. Unfortunately, my contract ended sometime last year. At the beginning of the year, I was shattered by the lockdown because it became even harder to find employment.

 A friend of mine told me about an opportunity for an online freelance writer. It was the only available opportunity that would give me income to survive. The first thing that came to my mind was that I’m not a professional writer or a blogger. I have never written anything to be published. I have familiarity in dealing with numbers because I’m an accounting graduate.

The opportunity was challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. I was excited but also scared that I would fail to deliver. The requirement was that I produce 15 articles/month for three months. It felt so overwhelming because I didn’t have experience in writing. I took a leap of faith and did it anyway! I was willing to learn to express myself in writing even if it meant failing along the way. I told myself that I would trust God to help me, and He did.

The bible shows that people who were called by God to do great things had to step out of their comfort zone. It was in the unknown that they realized their potential. Moses was comfortable by being a shepherd in the wilderness but had to step out and lead the nation of Israel. David stepped out of the comfort of being a boy and killed Goliath, the giant.

 In the comfort zone, there is no growth because everything is familiar. It is easy to think you have faith when you are comfortable. Stepping out to the unknown will make you realize that God is stretching you to discover hidden potential.

God will always use challenges to push you out of the comfort zone. Unemployment pushed me to discover that I’m able to write. There will always be fear of doing something that is not familiar. When an opportunity to grow present itself, you need to take a leap of faith and step out despite your fears. I conquered my fears and took the opportunity to write. The opportunity gave me income and made me realize that I’m able to write something meaningful. If I did not take the opportunity,

 I probably would not have known.