God Answers Prayer

by Mmipe Modise

When you are in the middle of the storm, and everything seems to go wrong. You may think that nothing will ever come right. You have prayed, you have fasted, meditated on the word but the situation is the same.

Some years ago I resigned from my first job due to some challenges. I then joined an international organization. Their offices were about twenty minutes’ drive from my home to the office. I was able to negotiate a good package for my salary.

I soon realized I did not do due diligence before joining this organization. The job advertisement and what I expected to do were two different things. I was disappointed. After two years I knew I had to leave.

I could not find alternative employment. I then decided to start a private practice. It takes time to build a business. The money came in slow, I had bills to pay and maintain the welfare of my children.

I prayed and fasted asking God for direction. I came to the point where I closed the business and stayed home. For about three months I was home, with no regular income. But God sustained us. We still had shelter, water, and electricity, and food every day. 

At the right time, God opened a door that I never thought I will enter. I did not apply for the job. I got a phone call from an old colleague who recommended me for a senior post. The interview was a formality. The salary was double what I prayed for. Only God could have done it for me.


 God answers prayer.  His promises are Yes and Amen. He said He will never leave you nor forsake you, He is with you always. His word will always come to pass in due time.

Psalm 40 vs 1: says, I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.

 Be encouraged and know that God answers prayer and His time is always the right time. Amen