Here are some basic things you need to understand about how this course works, and what you should be doing.

  1. You must log in using your email and the password you chose when enrolling. You can find the login link at the top of the page, or you can go here to log in: https://writingcorner.gbmi.co.za/login-page/
  2. You will find the course lessons on the Course page at https://writingcorner.gbmi.co.za/course-lectures/.
  3. Each student is allowed access to only to the next lesson that they have not yet done. So you will start out getting access only to lesson 1 at first.
  4. As you complete each lesson by sending your student project, you will receive marking and comments from the lecturer, and only then will you be released to the next lesson.
  5. Each lesson contains any videos, audio files or ebooks available for that lesson. It also contains the project questions for that lesson, all on the same page.
  6. There is also a link to submit your project and this will give you a new page with an entry box for you to type or paste in your answers.
  7. Most projects require you to also submit samples of your writing. These SHOULD NOT be included in the project box, or they will lose all formatting and be difficult to use. So please submit them by email to projects@lescrause.com
  8. Make sure to still submit your project response in the box provided. If you have only submitted writing to our email, then simply put in your project box a comment to let us know you have sent it.
  9. This makes sure we know your project has been submitted and we can then find and mark it. If you do not complete the project box and just send us an email, we may not be able to connect the two.
  10. Remember to also read the free materials available under Writing Samples. Some of the book chapters are part of the course. These are only visible when you have logged in.

If you have any further questions or need extra information, please feel free to contact us either using the Contact Us link or if you are on WhatsApp you can post on the WhatsApp group for this course.