Beautifully Broken

by Jessica Anthony

Beautifully Broken.

By Jess Anthony

Nobody likes the process of cleaning out a wound on their body. It’s painful, bloody and messy. Some will rather avoid the dreaded doctors visit to their own detriment as we know when a wound is left untreated worse problems arise.

I worked for many years as a medical personal assistant to various doctors at different hospitals. It was an exciting experience which taught me a lot about the physical body and healing and how magnificent God has truly made us.  

Many times I used to witness patients coming in for wound dressing or stitching and it was not a pleasant experience, at all!  I used to see the pain and anxiety on their faces.  I heard many times Doctor explaining that in order for wounds to heal you have to treat the root cause of it first. 

You can’t put a band aid or a plaster to cover up an untreated wound without finding out what the root problem is and expect it to heal.  The root of the wound has to be treated with the utmost care first and then healing will begin.

It takes a lot of time and patience and care for wounds of that sort to be healed. In the end when healing comes the pain is forgotten.   The scars are only left as a reminder of what was.

What about inner wounds, the ones that we don’t physically see but we know it’s there.  It shows up when we least expect it to.  It’s like a volcano that can erupt at any time leaving a deadly mess behind.  It can ruin a person in every way if left untreated.   It can ruin marriages, businesses, friendships and everything good in our lives. 

For this healing we need the Great Physician.  Only He can go right into the root of our inner wounds and bring healing, all we have to do is ask.  I know I did.  Trust me the process is not a walk in the park.  It’s like cleaning a beautiful looking house that looks good on the outside but there cracks in the foundations that’s causing the house to fall apart slowly. 

The Holy Spirit came in and turned my life upside down.  Sometimes I wish I had not asked for it.  He orchestrated situations and events that took me through the process of inner healing, for example I had to forgive certain people whom I avoided for years and all of a sudden I started seeing them more often .

He sent anointed servants of God to help me when I needed it.  “You cannot conquer what you don’t confront”  was something I heard God speak to me one day. I had to confront many ‘roots’ sometimes it was so painful to do.  I had to forgive a lot of people who hurt me and whom I have hurt. 

It was so easy to blame others for my problems instead of taking responsibility for my own bad decisions and therefore having a victim mentality.  But through it all, in my brokenness God started to speak to me about His plans and purposes for my life and that only He can take our broken lives and make it into something beautiful.  

It all starts with a humble heart before God and a willingness to submit to His inner work.  My journey is far from over, I have a lot more to go but I started and that’s what’s important to God, to start somewhere instead of doing nothing at all. 

When I’m tempted to give up I (which I often do as the enemy always comes in to ruin anything good in our lives) the Lord reminds me of His scars.  That when He looks at His scars in His hands he smiles because though it was painful for Him at that time, He did it for me, and you.  He is familiar with my pain and struggles and He will complete the work He has started in my life. No pain, no gain.

My friend, I want to encourage you today that wherever you are in your journey with the Lord not to give up on your dreams of becoming healed and to pursue Him and His purposes for your life after all broken things can become blessed and beautiful things if you allow God to do the mending.